Userspace Networking Library (UNL)

UNL aims to provide a complete userspace IP networking stack for use with Pnet. Although UNL is not nearly complete enough at this point to be deployed in a production network it is possible to create rudimentary network applications. The apps/ directory in the UNL distribution contains a few simple programs which use UNL. Please note that the API that UNL exposes to applications is expected to change frequently as development continues.

At present, UNL provides implementations of IP, UDP, and TCP.

UNL has the following requirements:

Unfortunately, I have not had time to put together user documentation. There will likely not be any user API documentation until I am confidant that the API will not change significantly.

There have been no official releases of UNL. However, you can view the source repository or checkout the code using Git.

git clone git://

Or, if you are behind a firewall that only allows HTTP.

git clone
Dan Siemon <>